Agronomy - Plant Production / Animal Production

ESA - Agrarian School


The Course in Agronomy has a duration of three years divided in six semesters. Each semester comprises twenty workweeks, with sixteen academic weeks, and corresponds to 30 ECTS. The course includes 30 curricular units (CU), including a final internship, accomplishing a total of 180 ECTS.

Generic objectives defined for the study programme

Advances in sustainable development models, knowledge and innovation in plant and animal production systems requires a deep awareness of earth and life sciences knowledge, including climate, soil, water and biodiversity, in order to support economic growth of rural areas, agro-industrial sectors development and promotes environmental quality of agro-ecosystems.

These challenges and professional reality implies multidisciplinary knowledge, scientific and professional skills including communication, project management, business and social entrepreneurship, knowledge networks management as well as, permits academic continuity for second or third cycle, long-life learning and professional specialization.

Skills and competences

The degree in Agronomy aims to provide knowledge in life and earth science, related to the study of the natural resources as soil, water, atmosphere and biodiversity, in their interactions to vegetal and animal production, as well as, socio-ecological process management leading to rural areas sustainability. This vocational and applied degree provides professional skills, but also knowledge to undertake postgraduate studies.

Transversely to the different curricular unit, it is intended to develop diagnostic capabilities, critical and creative attitude in structuring proposals regarding management of activities and projects, and skills for development of governance systems and to work in multidisciplinary teams. Simultaneously, the course promotes the ability for research, technical and scientific communication, as well as for knowledge management and innovation in supporting social entrepreneurship and business.

Course Coordinator

Maria Isabel Valín Sanjiao.

Study programme