Agricultural Engineering - Landscape Branch

ESA - Agrarian School

Aim of course

The aim of the course Agricultural Engineering – Option Horticulture and Landscape, is to prepare professionals for the Horticultural sector, with a strong knowledge in the implementations and management of gardens, sport fields, nurseries and commercial horticultural crops companies, as well as participation in landscape architecture and integrated environmental projects.
The course prepares students for a wide range of positions, within the advisory service, development projects, industry sales, technical support and management of horticulture, landscape, natural resources, environmental protection and education sectors.

Course Coordinator
Prof. Doutor Manuel José Marinho Cardoso


  • Qualify students for technical support and management in the different areas of horticulture and landscape, so that they can cooperate and interact within a team of landscape architects, civil and environmental engineers, as they are skilled to accompany and manage the associated projects and to develop their creative abilities.
  • Qualify students for technical support and management of rural and urban landscape, as they have the needed scientific bases to understand the relationships between the esthetical/emotional, biophysical, ecological and social-economical factors. This includes the recuperation and protection of sensitive and degraded areas.
  • Qualify students for planning, management and maintenance of tourism and leisure facilities (places of interest, sightseeing, fairs and expositions) as well as skills for environmental education activities. 
  • Qualify students for the construction and maintenance of sport fields, including golf.
  • Train students in multiple aspects of horticultural crop production, particularly ornamental plants, and the associated processing and marketing chain. This includes the capacity in socio-economic analysis and market strategy.
  • Qualify students to participate in the planning and management of nurseries.
  • Qualify students for the quality inspection and certification of horticultural products.

Career Opportunities

  • Companies of production, processing and marketing of horticultural products, particularly ornamental plants. Participation in the planning and management of nurseries.
  • Companies of construction and maintenance of green areas, from a small garden to a city park, frequently within a team of landscape architects and civil and environmental engineers. 
  • Companies of installation and maintenance of sport fields, including golf.
  • Private companies, county council structures, protected areas and other official central and regional organizations, associated to the conservation and protection of the natural resources, and sustainable rural development.
  • Technical work and advisory service in producers’ organizations and in the ministry of agriculture. Consultants in management and evaluation of projects.
  • Companies for development, promotion and certification of high quality products, including food quality inspection.
Study programme