Admition Procedures



Each student interested in mobilizing should proceed to registration online at the International IPVC site ( ) in specific period for call for applications and fill the form on-line 'Erasmus Student Form'. For this procedure you need to have already filled, signed and save in your PC the 'Learning Agreement' and the ‘Application Form for Accommodation’, duly completed.

The 'Learning Agreement' must be printed, sign and delivery to the Mobility and International Cooperation Office – GMCI.

The 'Learning Agreement' should be completed, validate and approved for the course and Erasmus coordinator at the host institution. Any change to the same LA, should be in conformity with this agreement and requested to the course and Erasmus coordinator by completing the form for ‘Changes to Learning Agreement' until 30 days after arrival at the Institution of destiny.

Please pay attention to International Office open hours - Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 14:30 to 16:30.

 Dates for Apply


  • Until 31st May for 1st Semester and all year
  • Until 31st October for 2nd Semester




 Updated 22.04.2020