Basic Education

ESE - School of Education


The Degree in Elementary Education is a new course starting on the academic year 2007/08. It will take the place of the Kindergarten and Primary Teachers Courses.

From this year on the courses of Kindergarten Teachers and Primary Teachers consist of two compulsory cycles:

  • first cycle of studies corresponding to the Degree in Elementary Education with the length of 3 years (6 semesters);
  • second cycle of studies (Master) that provides the professional degree for Teaching and each student will choose his/her specialisation:
    • Kindergarten Teacher (2 semesters)
    • Primary Teacher: 1 st Cycle (2 semesters)
    • Kindergarten Teacher and Primary Teacher: 1 st Cycle (2 semesters)
    • Teacher of 1 st and 2 nd Cycles of Elementary Education (4 semesters)

Course Coordinator
Maria de Fátima Pereira

Lenght and Profile

The Course has the length of three years (6 semesters) and the students are awarded the Degree in Elementary Education.

The profile of the graduates in Elementary Education is clearly defined by the Decree-Law 43/2007. The components of the curriculum are the general educational formation, the specific didactics, the cultural, social and ethical education, the educational research methodologies, the teaching area and the professional practice.

Study programme