Management (Daytime and evening classes)

ESTG - School of Technology and Management


Every human activity aims at achieving the highest level of performance, by managing and optimizing the allocation of available resources. However, it is in profitable and non-profitable, public institutions and private companies that those activities, mainly, take place and interact, generating vibrant and complex economic systems.

Course Coordinator
Tiago Trancoso

Course Aims

  • To qualify students as professional managers, able to identify company’s SWOT, align mission and values, define strategic goals and evaluate performance. 
  • To endow students with a combination of analytical tools and scientific methods for enhanced business analysis, planning and control.
  • To provide students skills in the area of entrepreneurship and project management.
  • To prepare students for challenges concerning leadership, team management and innovation.

Length and professional profile

The course is structured in a 3 year cycle of studies (180 ECTS), providing an undergraduate degree in Management.

Career Opportunities

Analysts and top professionals in Management, Marketing, Logistics, Finance, Auditing, Human Resources and Operations.



Study programme