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Every human activity aims at achieving the highest level of performance, by using the minimum of resources as these are scarce and imply cost. However, it is in profitable and non-profitable, public or private institutions that those activities, mainly, take place, integrating the most different wealth producing sectors.

Course Coordinator
Tiago Trancoso

Course Aims

The School of Management and Technology has been collecting appropriate concepts, methods and skilled techniques in an organized an coherent manner to achieve its objectives, which are:

  • To qualify students as organizations' administrators, able to diagnose situations, to get involved towards specified aims and evaluate performances in the several management areas.
  • To endow students with scientific and technical tools that allow them to handle with the tasks required by employers, or by the creation of their own enterprises.
  • To provide students skills in the domain of Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Operational and Production Management, Commercial,Accountancy and Planning Management, essentials for region and country the revitalization, requalification and competitiveness.
  • To give to the students skills to perform a role of change agents in organizations and to develop their own projects.

Length and professional profile

The course is structured in a 3 year cycle of studies (180 ECTS), giving students a 1 st degree in Management.

Career Opportunities

Management, Accounting Senior Officer, Business Research, Marketing, Logistics, Finance, Human Resources Management, Tax Analyst, Teaching, Investment Project Analyst

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