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This degree is designed to provide integral and interdisciplinary education in the area of Product Design. The course philosophy is based on the development of a multidisciplinary and multivalent profile that meets the interests and needs of institutions, enterprises and design studios.

Course Coordinator
Liliana Aparo / João Martins /

Course Aims

The Product Design degree aims to create professionals who are able to take part in all the processes involved in the conceptualization and development of a product. Thus, building a multidisciplinary and multivalent profile that serves the interests and needs of both institutions and small- and medium-sized enterprises, mainly in the field of product design.

Development of conception, innovation and decision-making support skills, as well as an emphasis on personal growth and teamwork are also part of the course.

Length and Professional Profile

The course is structured as a cycle of studies leading to a first degree, with a total of 180 credits distributed across six semesters.

Career Opportunities

The course will prepare you with the skills needed to become a practising product designer. You will also be well positioned for further study on a variety of related post-graduate degrees. Product designers work in many business areas including: consumer electronics, sports equipment, medical products and the automotive industry. Many product designers work directly for large and small businesses. Others decide later in their careers to be independent consultants or even start their own consulting companies. The skills learnt in a product design degree also make many other careers a possibility.

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