Renewable Energy Systems Engineering (Daytime and evening classes)

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The degree in Renewable Energy Systems Engineering was created with the aim of training multipurpose human resources with the skills adjusted for the broad spectrum of emerging regional industries' needs.

This cycle of studies intends to sustain industrial development and innovation with the assistance of a solid base training and of a close contact with the surrounding industries in order to prepare the graduate to carry on learning during their professional life, adapting with ease to the constant technological changes and inclusively being part of their momentum.

Course Coordinator
Paulo Costa

Course Aims

Granting a diversified preparation in scientific, technological and managing areas required to the activities of conception, projection, planning, organization, maintenance, production and quality in services and industrial companies.

Length and professional profile

The course is structured in a 3 year cycle of studies (180 ECTS), giving students a 1 st degree in Renewable Energy Systems Engineering.

As basic formation, this degree's graduates acquire skills in the areas of Industrial Automation, Energy, Management, Environment and Process Technologies (Chemistry, Physics, Mechanics and Materials). As specialization in the branch of renewable energies, this degree's graduates acquire knowledge and competences in the following areas: energetic auditing; energetic efficiency of buildings; technologies used in energy production systems based on renewable energy sources (wind, solar, biomass, biofuels, hydrogen fuel cells, geothermal).

Career Opportunities

Some possibilities of the wide spectrum of job opportunities for the Renewable Energy Systems Engineering graduate follow:

  • Energy Manager: implementing energy management plans and energetic auditing;
  • Project Manager; planning, management and direction of projects (retirar: of installations), systems and equipments in the industry sector;
  • Product Manager; conception and projecting of industrial equipment;
  • Consulting and Auditing;
  • Technical Direction and Organizational Manager;
  • Strategic planning of quality systems, production systems and environmental management;
  • Managing the operational and economical pursuit of productive industries;
  • Research and development of products, processes and industrial methods;
  • Research and development of heat and electrical production technologies;
  • Technical assessorship cabinets for environmental policy in companies and municipalities;
  • Environmental and energy quality cabinets;
  • Renewable energy systems dimensioning, installation and maintenance.

Entering requirements

Number of vacancies: 25

Entry tests for 2008
(one of the following):
16 Mathematics
11 Descriptive Geometry
07 Physics and Chemistry (Q)

Regional Preferences
20% of candidates residing in the districts of Braga, Porto and Viana do Castelo.

Contact information
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