Sports and Leisure

ESDL - School of Sports and Leisure


The course of Sports and Leisure Course is in accordance with the Bologna Process (R/B – AD – 101/2007).
The Course in Sports & Leisure is based in the School of Sports and Leisure of Melgaço, taking advantage of the extraordinary conditions offered by the Municipal Sports Complex and the surrounding natural environment of the Pendeda-Geres National Park.

The Course in Sports & Leisure is a Bologna 1st cycle formation (bachelor), especially aimed at those who aspire to work in the area of Sports and / or Physical Education.

Allows direct access to the sport’s world professions (clubs, municipalities, associations, fitness gyms, companies related to physical activities, adventure and nature, etc.) as well as further studies within the Physical Education, whose professional qualification to teaching often requires a 2nd cycle of training (master's degree in physical education teaching).

In this sense the curricular structure includes a strong scientific approach coupled with a practical component of study for physical fitness activities, exploitation of nature and environmental tourism, in addition to the more institutionalized approach to sports (football, basketball, gymnastic, swimming, etc.).

Course Coordinator


Course Aims
Prepare senior technicians qualified to intervene in the areas of Sport and Recreation, responding to the needs of municipalities, clubs, associations, fitness gyms, companies linked to physical activities, adventure and nature, etc..

Prepare professionals with capacity to intervene in the leisure occupation of the modern society, including through participation in organizations of tourism and sports leisure.

Prepare undergraduates with an entrepreneurial spirit that will encourage and build their own projects in the area of sports and leisure services.

Prepare undergraduates with the necessary scientific autonomy to pursue their graduate studies, both in teaching physical education (master's degree in teaching physical education) or in the sport sciences (masters in sports).

Course Length and Professional Profile
The course has a three years structure, giving a 1st cycle degree in Sports and Leisure.

Throughout the course, and beyond the opportunity to study the so-called traditional sports, students will have a privileged contact with new areas of physical fitness activities, exploitation of nature and environmental tourism. They will also have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of physical and sports activities they choose, conducting studies, and experiencing professional internships in companies, clubs, etc.

Career Prospects
a) prepares senior technicians qualified to intervene in several areas of specialty sports (Municipalities, Clubs, Associations, Fitness Academies; Business Companies of physical activities, sports tourism, etc.).

b) gives access to the ballot PROCAFD (Professional Responsibility and Conduct for the Guidance of Physical Activity and Sports)

c) allows access to the Masters (2nd cycle course) that gives professional qualification for teaching in Physical Education


Study programme