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Tourism is one of the industries with the highest growth in the last decades. In fact, tourism has become the leading economic driver of the world´s economy. Changes in consumer demand and preferences have led to an increase in the expectations of the quality of services provided to consumers, requiring higher efficiency on the part of tourism professionals. Increasingly, consumers seek to get away from standardisation and visit destinations that are different and unique. Such demands put pressure on destinations to develop creativity in tourist experiences.

Classes are offered during day and evening hours.

Course Coordinator
Deolinda Goretti Silva

IPVC is an affiliated member of the Association for Tourism and Leisure Education (ATLAS)

The Tourism course was awarded the UNWTO TEDQUAL Certification for quality education

Course Aims

Provide the tourism industry with skilled professionals thanks to a dedicated staff and practical training that brings real-world travel knowledge and experience.

Integrate national and international occupational standards and competitiveness in the curriculum.

Provide quality education to reflect and enhance professionalism in the tourism industry.

Acquire language skills so as to provide customer service that exceeds expectations, allowing for a competitive edge in the industry.

Develop business management and entrepreneurial skills by applying practical business applications in business operations, marketing, finance and technology with a tourism focus.

Duration of Course

The course is structured in a 3 year cycle of studies (180 ECTS), giving students a 1 st degree in Tourism.

Career Opportunities

The tourism industry is vast and varied. There are many different sectors providing services to all kinds of customers—including tourism, travel, leisure and hospitality. Career opportunities are wide ranging, from managing directors, recreation managers, events and congress organisers, travel consultants, tour operators and travel agents to tour guides and lecturers in the area of tourism education. Employment opportunities also exist in the public sector in tourism planning and management. Some of our graduates have set up their own successful businesses using the management and entrepreneurial skills they gained during the course.

Admission Requirements

Number of vacancies:

  • Day time course – 35
  • Evening classes course – 35

Entry Examinations
(one of the following):
09 Geography
13 History
18 Portuguese

Regional Preferences
50% of candidates living in the districts of Braga, Porto and Viana do Castelo.

Contact information
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