Veterinary Nursing

ESA - Agrarian School


The programme of study of the Veterinary Nursing Course is in accordance with the Bologna Process, developed in a three-year Diploma and designed to train veterinary nurses to the highest standards to work professionally as part of a veterinary team and also within allied sectors.

This course provides extensive coverage of all aspects of veterinary nursing and is ideal for those who wish to pursue a career involving veterinary practice management. This is why the curricular structure holds a strong component of practical studies on nursing care for sick animals, as well as technical work and skills in different subjects as diagnostic tests, medical treatments and minor surgical procedures, under veterinary direction.

Course Coordinator

Filipa Bernardino

Course Aims

The graduate in Veterinary Nursing will develop analytical and communication skills and at graduation time will be conversant with the science of the healthy and sick animal, and the science of nursing; equipped to be a lifelong learner, an essential attribute in a rapidly changing world; able to function as an equal intellectual partner in the veterinary team; adaptable, and thus able to perform a variety of roles in both practice and related areas.


The first cycle of the Program of Study of the Veterinary Nursing Course consists of six semesters - 180 ECTS

Career Prospects

Career opportunities include small animal veterinary nursing, specialization in nutritional advice, surgical or medical nursing, emergency and critical care, practice management, etc. In addition to the highly skilled traditional role of veterinary nursing, in the practice environment, opportunities for qualified veterinary nurses extend into a number of related fields. Commercial companies in the areas of animal nutrition, insurance and pharmaceuticals frequently seek veterinary nurses as employees. Veterinary nurses also play a significant role in the education of owners on how to maintain the health and welfare of their pets.

Technical advisers in animal welfare and animal breeding, cooperatives, veterinary clinical laboratory services, artificial insemination and sanitary inspection, as well as exotic animals nursing in the veterinary practice or in research centers, are also extended career opportunities for veterinary nursing.

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