Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Food Industry

ESTG - School of Technology and Management



The Master Course was designed to endow the professionals in Food Engineering with strong autonomy and initiative, adaptability to the many varied work conditions and current practices, and great ability to face new challenges in the scope of food engineering and technology. As food is one of the main areas of business in the world, it is expected that the graduates acquire an enterprising spirit, developed through the subjects studied as well as the teaching methodologies, and that this spirit will lead to the creation of the proper job, either through the development of new products or new companies.

Course Coordinator
Prof. Doutor Manuel Rui Alves


The Master Course in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Food Industry aims:

At the general, individual level:

  • To promote initiative and entrepreneurship;
  • To improve the ability to develop personal work with autonomy and team work;
  • To enhance the ability to search, comprehend and apply relevant information.

At the engineering and technology levels:

  • To motivate for the development of new products/factories and/or new business areas;
  • To understand the need to carry out projects that integrate, from the initial steps, technology, quality, consumer and environmental aspects;
  • To guaranty an easier integration in the labour market.
Study programme