Teachers - STA


Who can apply?

Teaching staff members of HEIs partners in Erasmus Program with IPVC

What are the objectives?

This mobility for teaching staff has the following objectives:

  • Encourage higher education institutions to broaden and enrich the scope and content of courses they offer;
  • Allow students who do not have the opportunity to participate in a mobility scheme to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of academic staff of higher education institutions come from other European countries;
  • Promote the exchange of expertise and experience on pedagogical methods;
  • Create links between higher education institutions.

Duration of mobility

The minimum requirement for a teaching assignment is 8 teaching hours.

However, we strongly recommend a minimum of 5 days to make a significant contribution to the mission program of education and international life of the host institution.

Eligibility rules

  • The teaching assignment may be performed by staff of a higher education institution holding an ECHE.
  • The teaching assignment must be exercised in a higher education institution holding an ECHE and a partner of IPVC through inter-institutional agreements.
  • The educational program should be agreed between all parties.
  • The home or the host country should be an EU Member State.
 Updated 22.04.2020