Staff - STT


Who can apply?

Staff from HEI partners in Erasmus Program with IPVC

What are the objectives?

The objectives of this mobility for staff training are:

  • Allow IPVC staff the acquisition of specialized knowledge from experiences and best practices abroad as well as practical skills relevant to the performance of their duties and their professional development;
  • Helping to build cooperation between higher education institutions and businesses.

The stay in business, organization or partner institution can be called by different names: short secondment period, job shadowing, study visits, workshops, conferences, etc.

Duration of mobility

The minimum recommend is 2 days work to make a significant contribution to the mission program of training and international life of the host institution.

Eligibility rules

  • Personnel involved in the mobility should be an employee (regardless of contract type and duration) of the institution holding an ECHE. If the host is a "university", it should also be holding the ECHE.
  • The staff for mobility should be a national of one of the countries participating in the ERAMUS+ or have permanent resident status.
  • The mobility program should be agreed between all parties.
  • The home or the host country should be an EU Member State.
 Updated 22.04.2020