Erasmus Guide Friends


The “Erasmus Guide Friend" is a concept implemented in IPVC, in which foreigner students will be received by students from the host schools, guiding and familiarizing them into our institution, our region and our customs.

The idea is that old national Erasmus students will be friends and guides for new international Erasmus students, facilitating their integration into the academic and regional environment, as well as, to their own language.

The role of this new 'Erasmus Guide Friend' is to welcome students from the arrival station, take them to the international relations office, giving them enough knowledge about the schools, about their Erasmus and course coordinators, show them their residences, places to eat and shopping, and aiding  them to solve the problems of daily life.

Before your arrival the GMCI will send you the contact of your Erasmus Guide friend.

 Updated 22.04.2020