Land and Environmental Engineering

ESA - Agrarian School



  • Development of interdisciplinary approach to natural and human sciences applied to knowledge models, technological and management skills, communication ability and evaluation capacity, under a scientific, technical, social, political, institutional and legal framework associated to models and instruments of environmental management and sustainable development;
  • Conceptualizing, analyzing and modeling of natural, socio-ecological and organizational systems for implementing environmental management systems, waste and wastewater and natural resources management as well as for land use planning processes and spatial information system development.

Entry requirements

Holders of a degree, preferably in the Environmental Sciences or Engineering, Land Use Planning, Agricultural Sciences (Agronomy and Animal Husbandry), Biology, Geography and Planning, and also of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Landscape Architecture or even in Social Sciences (Anthropology and History) and Economics (Management and Economics) who want additional education, updating skills, retraining or vocational integration. Holders of bachelor's degree may be considered as candidates, providing they have relevant curriculum in this course technical and scientific background.

Friday 9:00 to 18:00 and Saturdays from 9:00 to 17:00.

Course Coordinator
Luís Miguel Cortez Mesquita de Brito

Study programme