Organic Agriculture

ESA - Agrarian School


The aim of the Master in Organic Agriculture is to provide a graduate qualification in organic agriculture which will meet the vocational and professional requirements of students. It aims to develop further understanding of topic areas undertaken in a prior qualification, or develop new understanding in areas to broaden the knowledge of students, to undertake positions of significant responsibility in their chosen field.
The general objective is the development of site-specific solutions with minimal use of non-renewable resources for the sustainable protection of food for a rapidly expanding world population. Main focus will be given to the maintenance of nutrient cycles, the reflected use of standard-conform production means, balanced relation between productive and ‘non-productive’ area (natural landscape) and the link between agricultural practice, regional market and rural development.

Entry requirements

Holders of a degree, preferably in the Agriculture Sciences (Agronomy and Animal Husbandry) or Engineering, Environmental Sciences or Engineering, Food Science, Life Sciences,  Biology Biotechnology and other related courses. Holders of bachelor's degree may be considered as candidates, providing they have relevant technical and scientific background.


Friday 9:00 to 18:00 and Saturdays from 9:00 to 17:00.

Course Coordinator

Isabel de Maria Cardoso Gonsalves Mourão


Study programme