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The MSc in Civil and Environmental Engineering of the School of Technology and Management of IPVC has the main objective to prepare students with the ability to design and manage projects of high complexity in the fields of Construction, Structures and Environment, as well as to provide advanced training in areas of engineering of the XXI century. As the degree that it originates, Civil and Environmental Engineering, the professionals of this course have great flexibility in the labor market.


The Master Course in Civil and Environmental Engineering of the School of Technology and Management of the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, was accredited by the Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (A3ES) in 2011, constituting one of the requirements in order to be recognized by “Ordem dos Engenheiros” (Portuguese Engineers Association) for sign up automatically as engineers in the level 2 (after graduation from Bologna). The duration of the course is 2 years. In the first semester of the 2nd year, the students choose the area in order to begin the research work leading to dissertation. This second year will be entirely devoted to the development of a work for the dissertation, preferably conducted in a business environment, in cooperation with industries in the civil engineering and the environment.


To develop skills on mathematical modeling of phenomena in the civil and environment engineering, including support for projects of great complexity as optimization tool. Acquire knowledge in order to develop civil and environment engineering projects of high complexity, including rehabilitation of buildings, with emphasis on sustainable technologies, taking into account constraints in terms of building materials, construction technologies, physics of construction, construction management, structural modeling and new codes. Is also an objective, to depth expertise in steel and composite structures in order to develop complex projects. Moreover, new tools for construction management and their supervision will be worked.

Addressed  to
Graduates in Civil Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering

Professional career
Senior technicians in construction companies, as directors or managers. Designers of civil engineering and environmental engineering projects and supervision of construction contracts. Senior staff in public bodies; Entrepreneurs;

Requisites for access
The MSc in Civil Constructions is open to all that have a civil engineering degree or civil and environmental degree.

Wednesday to Friday  19:00 to 23:30

Course Coordinator
Pedro Delgado

International office

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