Organizational Management - Business Management Branch

ESTG - School of Technology and Management


This program aims to provide students with a set of competencies in the area of Management allowing the use of newer and innovative methods and techniques in Management, integrated in the analysis and resolution of organizational problems in companies, as well as public institutions or private. In addition to a basic training in Management, it is expected to offer specializations of a professional nature, going against the recommended for this type of training in polytechnic education, according to the profile and needs (personal and / or professional) of potential students.


• Graduates who, after completing this program, are endowed with the necessary skills to respond efficiently and effectively to the challenges posed to companies, as well as to public and private institutions.

• Management Professionals, who want to renew and deepen knowledge in order to promote the improvement of the quality of organizational structures.

• Professionals from other areas, since the master's degree conceives of generalist training fundamental to the global transversal understanding of organizations.

Career Prospects

The training provided aims:

  • ensure that future graduates have a solid training in the area of management;
  • Guaranteeing them the acquisition of skills in a particular specialty, in order to prepare them for the exercise of a professional activity in organizational contexts, in companies and/or in institutions (public and private, for-profit and non-profit), and diverse environments.

Course Coordinator
Maria Filipa Mourão

Study programme