Distribution Management and Logistics

ESCE - School of Business Sciences


Responsive to the needs of the region and taking into account its location in the heart of the Euro-region Galicia-North Portugal, ESCE adapted the study plan of its degree in Logistics. Following the criteria and purposes of the Polytechnic, the degree incorporates many courses in the fields of Organization, Strategy and Marketing, Economics, Accounting and Finance Law and New Information Technologies assuming a generalist role in the first year degree and having a specialization in Logistics for the students who progress in the degree.

Course Aims

  • Provide students with the management skills for all processes of distribution and logistics;
  • Provide students with the skills to manage companies raw materials or products supply chains;
  • To train students for the Management of Industrial Production in terms of operational strategy and competitiveness of products and processes - industry vs services.

Length and Professional Profile

ESCE has submitted, and it was approved, to start the during year 2006/2007, the adequacy of the Degree Distribution and Logistics of the Bologna process, thus the new Curriculum Plan that now has a duration of six semesters (3 years) a total of 180 ECTS credits.

Through this degree is meant the formation of qualified professionals with appropriate expertise to current and future needs of the market, capable of contributing to the revitalization of the existing industries of the region and the country, performing logistics as a competitive factor and as a integration guarantee of various other activities.

Career Prospects

  • In small, medium or large enterprises as responsible for production operations, marketing, distribution and marketing;
  • In small, medium and large commercial establishments such as section managers, or as merchandising technicians;
  • In companies of national and international transportation;
  • In logistics departments, in particular of the automotive industry;
  • In supplies departmental ;
  • AS entrepreneurs new industrial projects and / or trade or as businessagents.

Course Coordinator
Lia Oliveira

Study programme