Trainnig Program


The Erasmus and Course Coordinators of each host school are the responsible for the validation and acceptation of training plans for foreigner students.

The Training program - Learning Agreement for Traineeships, should be sent for acceptation to host institution in the open period for admission and students cannot start any training period abroad without the training agreement is signed by the 3 parts (host and home institutions/company and by the student).

Any subsequent changes to the Learning Agreement for Traineeships need to be verified and formally agreed by all.

Equivalences and ECTS

For equivalence’s purposes in accordance with the Erasmus program rules, all the work done by the students will have academic recognition, if properly provided in the training plan approved - Learning Agreement for Traineeships.

With the departure of students, the host institution/company should declare the period of stay of the student in a form call 'Certificate of Arrival and Departure' and the students’ evaluation must be provided in the 'Transcript of Records'.

Extension of the Erasmus Mobility Period

If the policy of the National Agency and IPVC allows, an extension of the Erasmus mobility period may be agreed between the parties involved, providing that:

  • The preparation and subsequent agreement must be carried out before the end of the current mobility;
  • The extension will take place immediately after the period of mobility in progress, not being allowed any break between them, except for school holidays or closures of the host organization. If you interrupt, it must be adequately justified by the originator and approved by the NA;
  • The period of mobility, including any approved extension cannot exceed the contractual period for carrying out activities of mobility (30 September);
  • The period of mobility, including any approved extension cannot exceed the maximum eligible mobility - 12 months.



 Updated 22.04.2020