Living in Portugal


If you are interested in coming to the Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo (IPVC) as a Erasmus student, first make sure that your educational institution has a protocol with us so that the office that is in charge of student mobility at IPVC, the Gabinete de Mobilidade e Cooperação Internacional (GMCI), can prepare your profile. This will be compiled according to the information you give on the Application Form supplied by your International Office, or directly registration online to us GMCI. This registration must be made in our website  by the end of June, for those planning to spend the First Semester or the whole of the following academic year with us, or by the end of October for those who decide that they want to come for the Second Semester.

Your profile will then be sent to the Erasmus Coordinator of the school you have applied for, who will then contact you to put together a Study Plan. Once this has been finalized, GMCI will send the Learning Agreement to your institution. GMCI will then send you all the necessary information about accommodation, transport and anything else you may need to know. Finally, GMCI will contact the School Coordinator, who will meet you and welcome you.

The Erasmus students will receive full credit for all academic work successfully carried out at any of the Erasmus partner institutions and they will be able to transfer these academic credits from one participating institution to another on the basis of prior agreement on the content of study programs abroad between students and the institutions involved.

Most students participating in Erasmus will go to one single EU Member State, study there for a period of 3 to 12 months and then return to their home institution. Some may decide to stay at the host institution, possibly to gain a degree. Some may also decide to proceed to a third institution to continue their studies. In each of the three cases, students will be required to comply with the legal and institutional requirements of the country and institution where they take their degree.

When the student has successfully completed the study program previously agreed between the home and the host institution and returns to the home institution, credit transfer will take place, and the student will continue the study course at the home institution without any loss of time or credit. If, on the other hand, the student decides to stay at the host institution and take a degree there, he or she may have to adapt his/her course of studies due to the legal, institutional and departmental rules in the host country, institution and department.


 Updated 29.10.2013