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IPVC Health office

The creation of the Health Office at the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo (IPVC), it`s under the social policy of the Polytechnic, under which it intends to provide more and better services to the academic population, contributing thus to improving the study conditions of their students and therefore their success in school.

By creating this service, the IPVC social services intend to:

  • Addressing the needs of students and academic community in terms of medical, psychological and nursing;
  • Develop awareness and health promotion among students and other academic community.

The development of the services provided by the Bureau of Health is based on results from studies conducted at academic population of IPVC, which were detected in the intervention needs in health, as well as the analysis of good practices identified in several higher education institutions EU-level action for health promotion in academia.

With the implementation of these services is intended to help students acquire IPVC healthy habits, dealing with everyday problems, build their autonomy and decision-making ability, thereby helping to optimize the development of (inter) personal and improve academic success.

The Health Office covers services in the areas of:

  • Psychology
    • psychological counseling services
    • psychological consultation and personal development
    • support academic and vocational
  • Nursing
    • outpatient counseling and healing
    • sexual and reproductive health consultation
    • smoking cessation
  • Medical Support

It`s a structure whose creation and organization was widely participated by students, through their associations and Academic Federation and IPVC schools’.

It`s located in the Academic Center, at Largo April 9.

For further information, contact the responsible for the Health Office: or +351 258 809 610

 Updated 14.06.2011