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Cultural Office of the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo

The Cultural Office of the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo (IPVC) was established in March 2007 with the aim of promoting activities and cultural arts education directed to its academic community, for children and youth of the region and the wider community. Thus, it is intended to contribute to human development of students, improve the quality of education by developing their soft skills, as well as narrow the gap between this and the Regional Academy.

This concept follows the best international practices in terms of supporting activities to students and the most recent guidelines issued by the level of art education, as stated at the World Conference on Arts Education, UNESCO, held in Lisbon in March 2006, where states that "science and mathematics are very important, but art and the humanities are indispensable to the imagination and intuitive thought that are behind what is new." (Damasio, 2006).

In parallel, the annual report of the National Council of Education, 2006, published in February 2007, states that "New paradigms must be considered in education so as to convey a humanist culture through language arts, based on principles of cooperation and not competition. Basic knowledge of individuals in post-industrial societies must include flexible intelligences, creative skills, verbal and nonverbal, critical thinking, imagination, cultural understanding and acceptance of cultural diversity. "

The Cultural Office supports and organize exhibitions; atliers; workshops; music; theatre, cultural contests and support to student`s associations promoting cultural activities. It`s located in the Academic Center, at Largo April 9.

The Cultural Office promotes, through the Academic Community, arts and cultural education.


You will find five libraries, distributed by the various Schools of IPVC.
The Library Barbosa Romero is the Central Library of the Academy, located on the campus of ESTG, is considered a landmark of the city, so it is worth visiting it, even if you're not a student of that school!


Cinema available in:

Theatre Sá de Miranda


  • Medieval fair in June
  • Books Fair
  • National and International Folklore Festivals
  • Jazz Concerts
  • Cinema festivals
  • Surf Festival in July
  • Traditional festivities from May to September in all the District

20th August - Festivity dedicated to the patron saint of the city: Nossa Senhora da Agonia (Lady’s Agonie);
September in Ponte de Lima, have also festivities known as "Feiras Novas", the students enjoy these events because have music and animation every nights.

For further information, contact the responsible for the Cultural Office: or +351 258 809 610

 Updated 03.06.2011