School of Sport and Leisure


Created in 2011, the School of Sport and Leisure is the most recent of the IPVC's schools. 

Located in Melgaço, along the River Minho and the Spanish border, the new facilities ESDL (under construction) are planned for the end of the year 2012. In addition to the classrooms, cafeteria, library, and all space surrounding the Sports Complex, the ESDL will have laboratories dedicated to the study and research of Sports Science.

Students of ESDL have at their disposal a restaurant (cafeteria) where they can make their daily meals (lunch and dinner), and a student housing (residential). These services are filed with the IPVC Social Services and allow students to enjoy equal benefits and prices for all IPVC schools.

This institution, plus being a training center for higher education, values ​​the relationship with their surroundings, especially at economic and social level, interacting with the community. It also shares its potential with the activities that the community develops.

 School of Sport and Leisure

Postal Address:
Complexo Desportivo e Lazer de Melgaço
Monte de Prado 4960-320 MELGAÇO
Tel.  +351 258 809 678
Tlm. +351 965 919 658
Fax. +351 251 401 001

 Updated 06.05.2015