Dubrovnik :)


Olá Olá,

Hoje tive um presente de aniversario da Universidade de Dubrovnik e gostaria de o partilhar com vocês (visto que não usam facebook ;) ), por mail!

E sim, hoje é o meu aniversario :)  dia 13 Setembro de 2013!

E não, não é sexta feira 13 dia de azar!

Beijo saudoso desta menina que continua a lutar pelos seus sonhos, mas que não se esquece dos amigos que se cruzam no caminho para alcance do sonho... :)

Cristiana Ferreira

Tradução da entrevista dada ao Jornal.

  1. Why did you choose Croatia ,and why Dubrovnik specifically?
    I  can not say that I chose Croatia because I specifically chose Dubrovnik! I am a passionate about traveling, and one day a teacher show me her album on vacation in Croatia and  my eyes focus the "Pearl of the Adriatic" Dubrovnik! it was love at first sight! I thought… I want to go on vacation to this paradise! but lucky me, my university in Portugal informs me that we have a new destination for Erasmus, and  the destination is Dubrovnik! So I did not come to Dubrovnik as a tourist, but as an Erasmus student. SUPER!
  1. You were here for the entire year, did u decide to do so before or after you got here, meaning did u get approved for the entire year before you got her or just one semester and then you decided to stay for the entire year?
    I am in Dubrovnik since 27 September 2012, my application was only for one semester, but despite some difficulties in my integrating here I decided in December  to extend my stay for another semester, I did not want to go without knowing the Summer and some others things of this small but cozy paradise… I needed more time!! I am here for eight months and I can already say that I will be also all summer! and who knows, maybe I will finish my course of Tourism here!
  1. What would you say about the quality of lectures held in English at the University?
    There are few teachers who give lessons in English but only for Erasmus students because the Croatian students don’t accept having classes in English! The quality of the teachers that give classes just in English for Erasmus students I can say that is good.
  1. Are there a lot of Portuguese people in Dubrovnik attending the University?
    I was the first to make the application for Erasmus in Dubrovnik, but then more three colleagues from my University applied, but only for  the winter semester. For the summer semester six colleagues also from my university applied. So at this point we are seven Portuguese studying at the University of Dubrovnik in the same course Tourism.
  1. What would you say about the student amenities here in Dubrovnik (discounts (culture card), student cafeteria, food etc.)?
    I was very surprised with all the facilities given to students from the University of Dubrovnik as the price of "Menza" we can buy 60 coupons per month, and each meal costs one euro, besides it you can buy basic food with the same coupon for a  lower price than in the supermarkets. We also have cultural card that enables us to free entry to the cinema, museums city walls, etc... Also we have various sports with free entry, such as swimming, gym, aerobics, rowing, soccer, etc... Another privilege is the reduced price of bus pass. As an Erasmus student  I could join the organization ESN card, which gives me discounts not only in Dubrovnik but also any place where there is the organization ESN.
  1. What can you say about the room and board in Dubrovnik and how pleased are you with it?
    There is only one dormitory for students, where I've been for 4 months, I enjoyed the experience. It is very well located next to the Old Town, has good conditions and the environment is very nice. The price for Erasmus is a little more expensive than the other students what I think that is not fair, but still prices are not too high, it is possible for the same price  to rent private rooms. But I have to mention that you can only get these rooms to student price until the end of the school year,  because as soon start high season all the accommodation is rented to tourists.
  1. What was it like for you in a Croatian speaking environment considering that you do not speak Croatian?
    I am here now for eight months but I can not understand and speak the Croatian language well just the basic words, it is a language unfamiliar to me, but I feel good integrated since people I meet speak English, and even sometimes Portuguese!
  1. Did you visit any other Croatian cities and what do you think of them?
    Yes I visited, and all of them larger and more developed, where people are more open mind, where you can find everything that you can not found here! But, for me Dubrovnik is the only city that has a different charm.
  1. What would you say Dubrovnik has to offer to its students in terms of entertainment, night life and other activities students might be interested in?
    Dubrovnik has some clubs and several bars, unfortunately since we are in a city that only lives from Tourism, prices are not for students, but there are some events with student discount. The organization ESN organizes several activities like games, parties and trips very interesting and fun. I must mention that, there is a volunteer center in Dubrovnik where I'm volunteering since October, is always a good activity  and very rewarding!
  1. Given your entire experience would you recommend other ERASMUS students to choose Dubrovnik to study in?
    Yes!!! Erasmus students come ! Dubrovnik is paradise!
Dubrovnik :)
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