Online Training Courses: Citizenship, Human Rights and Intercultural Dialogue

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The North-South Centre offers each year, since 2009, online training courses which cover three different dimensions of global education: human rights, intercultural dialogue and democratic citizenship. Each course takes place twice a year and lasts for four weeks. This training is designed for formal and non-formal educators, policymakers and media professionals.

The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe is pleased to announce its 2018 eLearning programme covering three dimensions of global education, Citizenship, Human Rights and Intercultural Dialogue.

You can get acquainted with each of these courses, their content, topics, participation criteria and calendar through the specific eLearning webpage

Now you can apply for the first course for this year, on the Human Rights dimension of Global Education 

Here is the link to the course webpage where you may access all information about this course, as well the link for the registration form:

Human Rights dimension of global education - 19 February-18 March 2018 – Deadline for submission is 14 February 2018 included

Please note that the next opportunity to take this course on the Human Rights dimension of global education this year will be in Autumn (10 September–6 October).

More information:

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